Sonic Twister Ratchet ½" or ⅜" or ¼"

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With this multifunctional ratchet loosening or fasten nuts and bolts is easy to do, even in the smallest spaces. 

The 52-tooth ratchet can be operated on the old fashioned way and through the patented shaft drive transmission. 

This is possible by twisting the handle of the ratchet, making this ratchet the ideal solution for small spaces. 

This ratchet is available in 1/4 ", 3/8'' and 1/2" drive. 

This ratchet can't be missed in the modern Toolbox. 

Standard and twist function 
52-teeth ratchet mechanism 
Shaft drive transmission 
Ergonomic two-component handle 
Handle can be rotated 360° 
Perfect for tight spaces 
Quick release button 


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Twister Ratchet ¼"

£30.00 ex VAT

Twister ratchet ⅜"

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Twister ratchet ½"

£40.00 ex VAT
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