Kielder 18V 1/2" 430NM Impact Wrench (KWT-002-03)

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Ideal for automotive use as well as a range of engineering and workshop applications. Powered by a smooth digital brushless motor and fuelled by a high-tech Samsung Li-Ion battery, the Kielder KWT-002 1/2” Impact Wrench delivers high torque performance (430Nm) in a compact size (152mm length). Weighing only 1.7kg (including the battery) it is well balanced and comfortable to operate, even in those tight / awkward areas. Makes easy work of assembly or disassembly tasks around the garage and workshop. Features Kielder's G-Square+ Technology which maximises the power delivery to achieve top torque faster than ever before.

•    4 Pole; producing higher torque at lower speeds.
•    Frictionless; cool operating temperature, no sparking & long lifespan.
•    Electronic brake system offers almost instant stopping power.
•    G-Square+ Technology maximises the power to achieve top torque faster than ever before.

4.0 Ah; LONG RUN ‘FUEL TANK’    
•    High quality Samsung battery cells providing reliable & stable performance.
•    Lithium-ion technology, a charged battery will hold it’s charge for up to 12 m.
•    No memory effect from partial charging.
•    Compatible with Kielder TYPE18 battery system.

•    Market leading performance from a compact design impact wrench.
•    More than double the torque of a typical wheel nut.
•    Variable trigger switch allows speed control when tightening.

•    Only 152mm in length, able to operate in confined spaces.
•    Balanced weight distribution during use.
•    1/2” Square Drive, common fitment for sockets.

INCLUDES: 1 x 4.0Ah Samsung Li-Ion Battery • Charger • Stackable Carry Case

Please note: this product is not suitable for Scaffolding use, due to ball bearing square drive. The KWT-002CS model, with clip & pin square drive, is better suited to scaffolding application.

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