FAB Interior Upholstery Cleaner 500ml

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FAB is a Superb upholstery cleaner,stain pre-spotter and All Purpose Cleaner. FAB will clean everything fabric or hard surface areas. Weather it is carpets, rooflings, door cards, seats or hard surfaces such as dashboards FAB will tackle almost any surface and leave a fantastic clean area! FAB is a low foam cleaner and ideal for carpet extraction machines too! Also FAB is now proving to be one of the best APC (All Purpose Cleaners) on the market today with its rapid dirt and grime removal with minimum effort.

Try FAB for all your household cleaning tasks too!

Excellent low foam cleaner & stain remover.

Use with hot or cold water

Pleasant lavender fragrance

Concentrated - Dilutes up to 1:10 with water

Residual soils easily removed.

Now recognised as one of the best APC cleaners on the market today!

Also used for all your household tasks


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