B-G Racing Clubman Race Scales

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B-G Racing - Clubman Race Scales

An accurate scale system incorporating all the features required for a team or driver to carry out a professional chassis set up. The Clubman Race Scales connect to the control pad using heavy-duty flexible cables.

The easy to use control pad displays the vehicle’s four corner weights, the cross weights and percentages all at once and also has the ability to calculate vehicles centre of gravity. It has the option to change the displays and configurations of the readings. The control pad also features a low power consumption level with a rechargeable battery life of 40 hours.

A protective carry case is included to protect and transport the control pad, cables and mains power adaptor.

Technical Specification
Part Number BGR325
Style Racing
Material Aluminium
Battery Life 40 hours
Scale Pad Length (L) 381mm - 15.00”
Scale Pad Width (W) 381mm - 15.00”
Scale Pad Height (H) 76.20mm - 3.00”
Scale Pad Weight 11kg - 24.2lbs
Scale Pad Loading Capacity 680kg - 1496lbs per scale pad
Scale Pad Power Supply Powered by the control pad and cables
Control Pad Power Supply 220/240v - 12v Adaptor and rechargeable battery
Control Pad Width 210mm - 8.26”
Control Pad Height 76mm - 3.00”
Control Pad Weight 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs
Cable Length 5.3m - 208.66”
Control Pad Length 280mm - 11.02”


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